Where Credit Unions come to collaborate and connect, in the act of providing continuous growth and success for all institutions involved.
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About Us

In response to increasing operational expenses and challenges to growth, a small group of credit unions met to explore the possibilities of collaborating on projects, sharing resources, and joining forces to realize economies of scale. As a result the CU Partner Solutions CUSO was formed in May 2006. Ours is a CUSO where the voice of every participating credit union representative is heard. The goal of CU Partner Solutions is for small credit unions to thrive and grow together, with reduced costs and increased productivity.

What We Believe In

To engage in activities that will positively impact the members of the credit unions involved.

The principle business purpose of CU Partner Solutions LLC is to engage in activities that will have a positive impact on Growth and Operating Expenses for the members of the CUSO and its affiliates.

To gain efficiencies through collaboration and cooperation not only to ensure survival, but to use as a leverage tool to growth.

Levels of Participation

There are two levels of participation in the CUSO: Owner/Investors and Affiliate Memberships.

Owner / Investment Partners

Affiliate Members

Board of Directors

Representatives from these credit unions comprise the Board of Directors of the CUSO — Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer are elected by the owner credit unions..

Board and Representative Involvement

Monthly meeting are held with owners and affiliates with the goal of identifying products and services for which collaboration may be available. Guest speakers are many times invited to make presentations about their products and how their services may be discounted for the CUSO group. The addition of any new product is voted on by the Board of Directors/owners. Participation by all attendees is encouraged and appreciated.