Looking To The Future…

Collaboration, the foundation of any credit union, is also the strength of any CUSO. CU Partner Solutions ensures that every credit union has a voice that may be heard. Every member of CU Partner Solutions contributes to the power of collaboration, and by working together on all aspects of operations, there is no limit to what we might achieve – in both savings and services.

Being a CU Partner means applying the same logic behind joining a credit union to the management of that credit union. It means having had the foresight to look beyond what’s “normal”, and realizing what can be accomplished by working together. Our collaborative efforts are aimed at maximizing the growth and success of all participating credit unions.

holding hands

Through CU Partner Solutions, credit unions with smaller memberships have the possibility to offer services not previously possible, and usually only seen in larger credit unions. All of the credit unions aligning themselves with CU Partner Solutions will experience substantial operational cost savings, allowing them to utilize those funds in more productive ways, and/or to improve their financial position. Most importantly, small credit unions are preserved and the members they serve have access to a wide range of new and improved products and services. Together, we engage in planning sessions that determine the interest and feasibility of a variety services, projects, and goals. Currently hot topics include:

  • Facilitating planning sessions for individual credit unions
  • Compliance and Regulatory Efficiencies (sharing expertise in policy development and compliance auditing
  • Share staff, expertise and process for common type functions: accounting, collections, etc
  • Internal Surveys and Competency Based On-Line Reviews:
    • Sharing business tools that help assess performance
    • Providing feedback for tackling improvements and recognizing strengths
    • Negotiating pricing as a group
  • Legal Services:
    • Share costs for legal consultation, both for corporate and collection issues
holding hands