Networking & Employee Education

Opportunities for face-to-face networking have decreased industry wide due to time constraints and the increased dependency on technology. Credit unions participating in CU Partners Solutions believe that networking and sharing are an intricate part of what makes credit unions unique.

Our goal is not just to ensure the survival and growth of the credit unions involved, but to also expand their range of influence and industry connections. Networking is vital to collaboration, and is a key aspect to the control of our expenses. Sharing ideas and social resources benefits everyone involved!


Employee Education Seminars

In a day of constant webinars and PC-based training, CU Partner Solutions provides live, educational training sessions and seminars. Not only are these opportunities a fantastic means for expanding your professional network, but they offer an exceptional means for business growth as well. Some of our speakers are nationally recognized experts that have offered senior consulting to Fortune 500’s – a level of quality that is usually out of reach due to cost or time constraints.

CU Partner Solutions recognizes that we all share similar educational needs, so we develop affordable employee seminars on a wide range of topics – all customized to the needs of the participating credit unions. Seminars are offered in half-day sessions that allow front-line staff participation without short-staffing the credit union. All of this is only made possible by the collaborative effort of our CUSO. We offer quality events at a price that even small credit unions can afford by essentially sharing the expense of an outside speaker and spreading the cost between the credit unions involved. These seminars have also been well attended by credit unions outside the CUSO structure.